Technical Director / CTO (Valencia, Remote Spain)


About us

Zubi Labs is a Venture builder whose main purpose is to generate positive impact in our nearest environment. We seek for social, environmental and economical benefit. We launch new initiatives involving collectives in risk of exclusion, sustainability and education, generating solutions in which more is done with less, aiming for a rational use, efficient and long-term sustainable of our scarce resources.

In our new project, WOODea, we look to boost industrialization and the use of wood as structural material, in our seek to transform the real estate sector.

We leverage digitalization to enable automatization, modularity, and elements standardization, taking construction off-site, as manufacturing processes. Our activity involves design, production, traceability, transportation, assembly/disassembly, costs and lead times studies. We are facilitators of a transformation in building design and construction, moving from buildings as “singular projects” to a more efficient assembly of parametric elements.

What are we looking for?

We look for an architect, or engineer in structures, edification, industrial, or similar, with LEAN mentality:

  • Specialized in structures and/or materials
  • Convinced in collaborative working
  • With IPD experience (or ambition to work under this approach)
  • Digital experience in construction and design: BIM, Autodesk, Revit, Dynamo, Grasshopper, MEP, Navisworks, Cadwork
  • With a vision beyond professional activity; strong social and environmental responsibility
  • Participating in decisions with product responsibles, aiming to develop technologies oriented to modularity, industrialization and standardization of building elements, having wood at its core.

Your Responsibilities

Following the scope of our main activities, and under BIM protocols and LEAN methodology, you will be the responsible for:

Preliminary and viability studies. Analyzing existing constructive solutions, developing our own solution according to the company's different stages. Analyze materials availability and technical solutions.

Optimization, Value-engineering, re-engineering. Elaborating the documentation for in-site assembly, according to the construction system to use, optimizing design for manufacturing, transport, assembly and disassembly (DFMA).

Structural Analysis. Coordinate and supervise structural design, documentation and compatibility of information throughout the entire process.

Digital twin. Creating a digital twin according to the components traceability for its proper in-site assembly and all the necessary information for the exploitation and building maintenance. Considering sensors, and IoT technologies to monitor the building status throughout its life cycle.

DfMA - Design for manufacturing and Assembly. The products are to be manufactured off-site for in-site assembly, therefore all the components are to be designed for transportation, assembly and disassembly.

Industrialization, automation. The documentation and designs generated is to be compatible along all the process, from BIM to CAD CAM, and compatible with the most common structural, energy simulation and modelling tools (TIMBERTECH, DLUBAL, DESIGN PH, PHPP and CADWORK 3D).

Physical and chemical analysis, material behavior, simulations, traceability. Applying PASSIVHAUS and other certifications, to ensure a good-for-the-health building

Continuous improvement. From in-site experiences, work on continuous improvement initiatives for the different elements, components, modules and processes. We are aiming to zero defects.

Apply if...

  • You are interested in aligning your purpose in life to generate positive social and environmental impact with your daily work. are one of us!
  • You have a track record and relevant experience in innovative construction systems with an industrialization focus.
  • You are a believer of the benefits that digitalization, industrialization and automatization bring also to the construction and real estate sector.
  • You think that a building, besides an excellent execution, must be healthy to its future occupants and minimize its environmental impact.
  • You are interested in passive buildings, and you would like to achieve LEED, BREEAM or PASSIVHAUS.
  • You are autonomous, self-driven and pragmatic. A team player above all.
  • You are innovative, creative, technical, analytic, but you understand the business impact of your work and the broader picture.

What are we offering?

  • Work closely with a great team, intersecting technology, innovation, sustainability and social impact, who have already founded leading and breakthrough companies.
  • To dedicate your energy and talent together with an alike team, working together towards a more sustainable world.
  • Team work, flexibility, dynamisms, action, development, coaching where people are first.
  • The possibility to grow personally and professionally, you set the limit!
  • Competitive salary and a participation in this new venture.
  • Are you ready to join this family of dreamers!

If you’ve read until here, and you are considering applying, we ask you to continue reading and ask yourself the below questions, we just want to be sure that we are not wasting your time:

  • Do you meet the above criteria? Do you have those skills and experience?
  • Do you have a positive attitude, talent and willingness to work on solving social and environmental problems?
  • Do you agree with our culture and values:

Zubilabs guarantees meeting current legislation in regards to equality, diversity and non-discrimination, searching only in our candidates for the required qualification and competeces.