CEO - Entrepreneur


Would you like to lead a project with the potential to generate a positive impact?

At Zubi Labs we are continuously thinking about new business opportunities that not only have an economic value but also bring social and environmental benefits. 

Rather than setting out on your venture alone, we can provide you with a salary from day one, funding your project as it achieves milestones while allowing you to maintain a substantial percentage of the startup. You will be able to take advantage of the resources, talent and cumulative experience of Zubi Labs and La Pinada, so that your project is fun rather than tedious.

All our projects revolve around the aim of producing a positive impact through profit-making business ventures in diverse areas ranging from mobility, technology and circular economy to energy, agriculture and the environment. 

If all these aspects grab your attention and you think you are capable of leading or being a co-founder of such an initiative, then we would love to meet you!