Imagine Montessori School


Founded in 2016, this new and innovative school for children aged 3-18 in Valencia encourages curiosity, freedom, creativity, a self-driven spirit, a desire and pleasure for learning and respect for nature, so that each child's talent leads them to be happy people and contribute to the progress of society. The school combines the complete content of the British curriculum with the benefits of the Montessori education method; an education which is renowned worldwide focusing on developing the maximum potential of each child through personalized education which responds to the needs and interests of each stage of development through sensory work, manipulation, movement and the development of determination, freedom and responsibility. Additionally, our Montessori teachers-guides will be provided with on-going training and professional development.

We develop our students' practical, social and emotional sides, as well as their imaginative and cognitive abilities. We encourage independence, respectgrowthcreativityentrepreneurial spirit, a love of nature and the sense of belonging to a community. Art, science and technology are incorporated in all aspects of school life. Fine arts, visual arts, music and expression provide a crossing-over point for social interaction, an appreciation of beauty and an education of the senses. Along with science and technology, this allows us to feel and share our creative gifts, discovering and strengthening our talents. We acquire patience, adaptability, concentration and inspiration, a source of dreams and the building blocks of new realities.